Need help choosing power supply with this case.

Hey everyone,

My friend is looking to upgrade some of his components and I'm helping him out.

The computer case he was looking at is

The power supply I was looking at for him is this one

Does this look like a good power supply for that case? He can't afford much more than that power supply. Does anyone know if there are some better ones out there in the same price range?

Thanks again for any help!!!
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  1. Its very good Seasonic are a very good maker.
  2. You could get the S12 model and save $5
    Or get CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 to save $10 after rebate

    They're not better options though.
  3. The case has no impact on PSU choice. The other parts do. What kind of build is this? The GPU and CPU are most important.
  4. ^ This.

    You don't buy a power supply for a case you buy a power supply based on the components you are powering.

    That Seasonic is an excellent model though.
  5. I know the case has no real effect. I was putting it there to see if there were any other opinions on better cases bang for your buck wise and to give a better idea of power supply sizes for the case. His old comp was a subpar mess of an HP he had purchased and I am just upgrading some of his components because his graphics card died on him and I'm giving him my old gtx 285. His old case was so small I couldn't fit anything bigger than a gtx 9800 in it.
  6. for that price you must be able to get much better cases...corsair 300r, fractal design core 3000 just two examples.
    That PSU is very good for the needs it seems...
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