Antec 300 case fan Q's. Molex, 3-pin?

So I bought an Antec 300 Illusion case a long time ago and originally read that I needed to power the fans.

But now I know more and realized that the 4-pins it comes with goes straight to the PSU...

And also don't female 3-pins go into the mobo, not male 3-pins?
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  1. HUH?

    Why do you need an adaptor to power the fans?
  2. you just connect the fans to the PSU
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    The fans that come in with the case only plug directly into a molex connetor from the PSU.

    That adapter you listed won't work in your case. It's meant to power a fan with only a 3-pin plug into a molex 4-pin power connector.

    If you want to power the fan from the motherboard, get different fans. Most come with a 3-pin connector that plugs into the mobo, and includes a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter to plug into molex from PSU.
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