Zambezi 8150 or wait for piledriver

Hi there. I've been reasearching about the fx processors and I know they are not what people expected, although since I use my pc ostly for gaming I've a question. Should I get an amd 8150 and overclock it to 4.4 (on air) or should I wait until amd releases piledriver?(unless it isn't any time soon)

I plan to use it for a gtx 680 sli, I already have one with a phenom ii 955 and it works just great. I also read here and there that the 8150 doesn't bottleneck the 680 sli if there's only 1 monitor, actually the problems with multi monitoprs are related to driver issues between these cards and fx990 boards.

Thank you
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    Piledriver won't be coming out until early 2013. Unless you're strapped for cash then get an i5 2500k and overclock that, it will use less power and be faster, if you already have the motherboard though then it's a no brainer really to get the FX 8120 (not the 8150) where I live there's about £50 difference and seemingly only a few Mhz increase so with overclocking that shouldn't be a problem
  2. q3, probably october for PD. keep the 955 until then. If you do opt for the FX, do the 8120, not worth the extra $50 for the 8150.
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