My pc freezes and screen flickers while gameplay

I am a classic gamer,Sometimes.
My pc requirements are,
Intel Celeron 1.70 Ghz
Ram 768 MB
Graphics card Nvidia Geforce MX/MX400

My main problem is i dont have any problems with my pc in using for work,Web surfing,music,video or anything.

But when i play old games like GTA san andreas
Gothic 2.

My screen tears and flickers and after a few times it vanishes.

But after or in the flickering my PC freezes,it doesnt take any command but the game sound keeps runing.

My pc Nvidia Graphics card driver is up to date,
My every registry problems are fixed,No junk file in pc and mainly its fully clean of viruses.

Please anyhow give me solution.
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  1. Up to date is not always best when running old hardware. The symptoms sound like diectx or video or sound driver problems.

    Note: It's hard to get the old games running. Getting the STEAM version of Dungeon Siege to run on modern hardware requires a lot of hacking (or it did for me).

    Suggest you try some older video drivers. What OS are you running? Win ME? Win XP? Win98? Directx is not forgiving for uninstalling current and applying older versions.
  2. Hi and mainly thnks for reply tsnor,

    What type of older driver u mean please explain

    Oh yeah i am running Win XP SP3 and my DirectX version is 9.0c

    Do u think that is happening because of graphics card oveheating???,But my cpu is well ventilated,And there are two fans on my cpu.

    I installed the chipset drivers also,and reinstalled the gpu driver.

    The main problem is now,It freezes randomly after the tearing starts.

    But my pc was never like this before,when it had which driver i dnt know and 256 mb of ram.

    Look at this picture it happens everytime and the freezing causes after happening of this
  3. Yeah I will try cleaning the dust off your pc. You may even get a few more fps, like with my x1600
  4. Thnks shadow_city,

    Yeah i didnt tried that thing allright,The dust cleaning.

    But couple of months ago it was the same and the same games ran perfectly.
  5. sorry for slow reply. If you go to nvidia site you will see how to download drivers. The most current driver is the first one to try. Install it. See if it works. If it fails, then look closely at the nvidia support site and you will see older drivers for your video card. First uninstall your curent video driver and install one of the older ones. See if it fails the same way. then try the next older one. See if any of them work.
  6. Thnks tsnor,But everything is just fine after turning on vsync in nvidia control panel for gothic 2,And i restored defaults BIOS configuration,then i i now use the pc opening one side case of cpu.

    Now i play hours and hours of game happily.

    Everybody thnks including tsnor,shadow_city.
  7. Hello

    i am facing a problem in my laptop. but i am not able to fix this in same matter by removing the DIMM'S
    please help.

    on powering up, processor is rotating for a short time then stopping & again starts running automatically, but after 3 - 4 spins its getting stopped & moreover the power is also moving out.

    This notebook is 4-5 years older.

    Acer Extensa 5420
    AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core 2.2GHz
    2gb DDR2 667 MHz
    160 GB Hard Disk Drive


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