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hey all

i'm not amazing with computers, but I know more than the average user.

My uncle recently gave me a very old desktop (a dell with a pentium 4) to try sort out for him. He said it would just randomly shut off. My initial thought was it was overheating.

When I booted it up it ran fine for about 10 minutes. Then the display shut off and I got "No Signal" however the PC continued to run fine, the fans we're working and whatnot.

I tried rebooting it, but I still got no signal (and again the PC itself actually worked). I opened up the case (after an hour, it's a dell case...) just to make sure it wasn't something common like dust and what have you. to my surprise there wasn't a spec of dust inside, clean as a whistle. I tried booting it again, and it worked until it go onto the desktop this time, but again "no signal".

The gfx is some intel integrated crap.

Is this a failing mainboard? can it be fixed or is the computer long past its time? my uncle isnt going to be spending time or money on buying new hamster wheels for it since its so old so if its a problem thats "too hard" to fix let me know

cheers for reading my wall of text
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  1. My computer was working without sending video signal to the monitor.
    To solve it, I needed to short cut CMOS battery and reset BIOS after changing the GPU.
    I recommend you to try that *before* buying a new GPU :)
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