Power supply to get?

hey got a fairly new system got a

ASUS Crosshair V Formula 990FX
phenom 1090t
vengeance 2 x 4gb 1866mhz
antec 750 watt
and a haf 132 i think it thats the name at least

anyway im moving up to the 7970 in a few days and need a new power supply for main reason being it needs 2 8 pin connectors or 6 pin cant remember at this point in time so would like to know what would be a good psu for this card. ive got up too £100 to spend on it at the max. plus needs to be a uk site or just let me know what the psu is and ill look at it thanks in advance :).
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  1. The Antec should theoretically work with dual 7970s but it'll be running close to it's max output if you stress your computer.

    I'd recommend.. Corsair TX 850 / HX 850 / Seasonic X 750 / XFX 850 / and select higher end models on Antec / Ocz/ Thermaltake ... 2 cents.
  2. @ Lilo: You can't be serious.

    Disaster: For a System with (1) HD 7970, AMD recommends 500W PSU with (1) 150W 8-pin and (1) 75W 6pin PCIe power connectors. In testing at Guru3d, a highly overclocked system with a stock HD 7970 consumed 335W: http://www.guru3d.com/article/amd-radeon-hd-7970-review/8
    What's the model of the Antec PSU? That PSU should be MORE than sufficient for your rig....it's probably enough for almost any SLI/CF rig.
  3. its just an old one and oops i meant artic cooler sorry dont sell them in the places i go on now and they only go up to 4 pin plus 1 6 pin adapter
  4. Oh .. Thought he was talking about going crossfire 7970s .. woops! LoL

    Yes. It's more than powerful enough for 1 HD7970.
  5. lol no well not for a while i mean i had a 6970 for a while but sold it to my mate with the psu cos i have a long warranty on the card and got my old psu that i originally gave him about a year or so ago but yeah as i said it only has 1 6 pin adapter so mainly wanted to know what would be a good psu for the card and also peoples views on good psu's they may have that would run the card
  6. What's the model on the PSU? The 7970 will likely have a molex adapter that you can use for the 8-pin. You probably have more than enough juice in that PSU.

    If you want a new PSU, then a short list good mfrs: Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, and Antec. There are more, but that's my short list. Do you have a budget? Websites that you typically use?
  7. i just dont want to go over £100 i mean by a few quid i dont mind and i know i could get a adapter for it but would personally rather get a new more up to date one and can keep this one as back up like my old 5770 i have ^^
  8. i should add i will be doing cross fire after a while wouldnt i need more juice than that for it?
  9. Just search in newegg for psus with more than 60a in 12v and you should by fine for any cf or sli ( if it has 4xpci-e connecteors it'll be easy for you)
  10. LoL then my recommendation's stands if you are looking to crossfire.

    Corsair TX 750 / 850 - HX 750 / 850 / Seasonic M12II , SSK or whatever (all seasonics are excellent), XFX 750 / 850 Pro or Core (seasonic based units), Antec TP 750/ 850...etc.
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