Amd fx8120 jumping temps

Ok first off - im a huge rookie when it comes to this topic, so offer/suggest me ANYTHING.
My temps are 35 at idle and then i open something and BAM - 45C leap just like that ( im using core temp ).
I have a 120m sidefan blowing air on the cpu and then a top-rear 120mm fan sucking air out of the case.
Also my PSU is sucking air from the gpu (560ti OC) and blowing it out (temps are 30 at idle).
But the cpu temps are strange, well the most that bothers me is the noise the stock cooler makes. Whenever the cores temp suddenly jumps - i cant even hear music..

Any suggestions on what to do with my cpu ?

I heard there are hotfixes for BD processors ? what are they all about
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  1. whats your normal room temp? as for temps changing fast, thats fairly normal, one thing to check to see how much temperature difference there is from core temp and amd overdrive. Amd overdrive monitors the internal cpu temp, where core temp monitors the motherboard sensor.

    As for the noise from the stock cooler, its controlled by the motherboard sensor. Keeping the socket cool is as improtant as cooling the cpu itself for noise control. Mainly need to make sure there is plenty of air flow across where the cpu, vrm, and ram are. As for the fans, the side fan, is it below or above the gpu?

    Last the windows hotfixes changes the way BD is percieved. With the hotfixes, the 8120 will be a 4 core 8 thread cpu, ie windows will try to load programs across 4 main "cores" before the other 4 "threads". Some programs benefit from this.
  2. The sideflan is blowing directly on it basically.
    Wher can i get these hotfixes btw ?
  3. Without seeing a picture, it's difficult to tell but have you considered the possibility of conflicting air flow inside the case? Many times the placement of fans make sense but in reality it might be hindering the cooling effect. That's just one possibility I'm suggesting to you.
  4. So how should i place the fans ? I have 2 120mm fans and bitfenix merc beta case (cant mount in front of the case)
  5. somethings wrong tho... i removed the sidefan and fan speed is still going up-down-up-down... i realized my CPU isnt downclocking when idle... it stays at 3.4ghz ?!? even tho fx-8120 is stock at 3.1ghz...
    also when i went to bios and changed my corsair vengeance ram to 1600mhz from 1333mhz it displayed a boot error and i had to change it back... whats the problem ?
  6. got it fixed - i had options on maximum performance and under that it had - MINIMUM PROCESSOR STATE: 100%.
    changed that to 0 and now it downclocks at idle nicely and temp is 20-25 :)
  7. Interesting, what mb did you end up with?
  8. gigabyte 990fxa-ud3

    love the processor and performance but i hate the fact that the stock cooler is SOOOOO FREAKING LOUUDDD.
    when i run at 3.1ghz and playing bf3 then the fan is sooooo louuddd.. it keeps it cool tho, about 50C
  9. easy way to fix fan noise is to remove the stickers on the fan blade and remove the left behind residue.
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