Ivy Bridge Build need help

Ok guys i just sold my q6600 build i had running for almost 5 years and i'm looking into building a new build...

It's supposed to last me atleast 3 years running everything max at 1366x768...i don't mind updating de graphics card in a year and a half tho.

The things I am sure I want.

Case: Fractal Design Core 1000

PSU: OCZ Silencer MK III 500w

Optical Drive: Sony Optiarc DVD-RW

Now theres a few things i'm not sure about...I'm pretty sure i should get a z77 motherboard. I'm thinking about the asrock z77 pro4-M. What I don't know is if i should get a i5 3570K or a 3550 since the case doesnt really support big cooler and ivy bridge is a bit on the hot side. I would have to do some modding to get a h60 for example in a push pull config at the front and even then i probably wouldnt be able to push it over 4.2Ghz max so i dunno if it is worth the trouble. Also i was expecting to get a GPU like hd 7770...around that type of performance wich should be plenty of horsepower at that res to max everything...i dont look for crazy high fps i just want 30 minimum and with lucid logix virtu boost i should be getting pretty much everything i need i think.

So what you guys think, would i be fine with a non-OC-able CPU and a entry level card for my needs? or is it worth spending the extra money? like say a 230$ gpu and 50/60$ cooler and 20$ more for a k series? is it worth? what gains should i be expecting for that kind of money?
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  1. most of us would gladly pay $20 to upgrade our cpu's a few hundred mhz. In a year you'd wish you'd gotten the k chip so might as well start off with it is my opinion.
  2. I agree with popatim. 18 months down the road when you're ready to upgrade the GPU a little extra kick out of the CPU makes a lot of sense.

    Have you set a budget for this entire project?
    Hop on over the Systems > New Build section of the THG forums where they handle about a couple dozen of these requests per day.

    If you fill out the form in *How To Ask For New Build Advice* you'll answer all the standard questions that help things get started
  3. Z77, 3570K

    it doesn't run hot in the way that old processors run hot, at stock its perfectly well behaved, mine idles at low 30's (core) peaks at 62C when gaming, peaks at 70C when stress testing, all at 4.3 Ghz.

    I've just gone from a Q9550 which was stuttery on BF3 on heavily populated maps, to the 3570k, which is buttery smooth on the busiest densest maps all with the same GPU.

    Card wise, AMD 78XX? does that fit the budget? matx mobo might be a cheaper choice (I wanted PCI slots)

    FYI - Assume virtu mvp does nothing, with me it destroys my bf3 performance taking me from 60fps (vsync locked) to 4 or 5fps as it forces the igpu to do the work and I can't stop it.
  4. get the standard pc - 3570k, z77 asrock extreme 4, ati 7850 (or 560Ti, or 670), a $200 ssd, coolermaster 212evo.
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