Normal sounds for a new computer to make?

Hey all,

I've had my new build for a good 3 weeks now, and so far everything runs great. I've had some problems with PSU whining, but that's been addressed in another thread.

I've started this so that you may all give me a greater understanding of what I should be expected from my brand new comp in terms of noise. So far, outside of the PSU whining, I also have been experiencing some less-malicious sounds coming from my computer. It seems to be localized around the mobo and GPU, but may be the hard drive as well. It mostly occurs when I'm loading something, i.e. starting into Windows 7, playing games, making music, ect. It's difficult for me to describe how it sounds. I want to say its a very mild click sound, but I think that would be exaggerating it.

Anyways, as I can't really determine how to describe the sound, I'd just like to know what kind of sounds are normal for the computer to make, outside of fan noise. What should I be watching for?

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  1. HDDs can be somewhat noisy to start, and quiet as they break in. Or, they can be defective and noisy, but in that case you will figure it out soon enough as they will start producing errors.

    My 640GB WD Caviar Black was like that. It made clickety ratchety sounds at first, and even a few brief sounds that were very odd... little whines or moans. But then it all stopped and was fine. And that was about two years ago now.

    Most HDDs I install don't make any noise to speak of, but there are always some exceptions, mostly with the faster drives.

    We have had some success with youtube videos when it comes to interpreting noises. If you have any worries that's one way to get comparisons and help.
  2. Cool, I may very well make a recording. I'm using a used hard drive BTW, 7200 RPM Western Digital. I think its a good 4 years old.

    Do GPUs or mobos make any sound?
  3. Quote:
    Do GPUs or mobos make any sound?

    For the most part no. What it sounds like is that something (wire, sticker, loose cable, etc) could be obstructing one of your fans. Maybe try re-routing your cables behind your case's motherboard tray.
  4. It's definitely not fan related. It sounds similar to my old computer in terms of sound, and I'm thinking it's likely the hard drive, as I'm using the HD from my old computer anyways.

    But, now that I have the attention of you guys, there is a more disconcerting sound coming from my computer that I'd greatly appreciate your opinions on. This sound is a high pitched whining sound coming from my PSU. It is pretty faint most of the time, but still noticeable. It is most noticeable when the computer is turned off, but the PSU switch is still on. Once I start the computer, the whining seems to get slightly louder for a little while, and then dies down after a few minutes, disappearing or becoming hardly perceptible for the most part, but still whining a little when I'm loading something. I found an example on Youtube. Note that the pitch of my sound is the same as this guy, but it does not beep like it does for him, it is a consistent sound. Also, mine appears to be a bit quieter:

    This concerns me. I've been told it could be a fat capacitator, or a coil whine, the former cause putting my computer at risk. FWI, I'm using a CX600 Watt PSU, the exact model shown in that Youtube video. My mobo is ASRock Gen3 Extreme3 Z68 LGA 1155.

    I've applied for RMA, but I really don't want to gut my computer for another week and a half, as I have much need for it right now, but won't near the end of the first week of February. Please let me know what you think I should do.
  5. I almost missed it because it matches the constant tone in my ears :p

    Honestly, I would call that acceptable noise from a budget PSU. Mild coil whine is not a sign of a problem. But then, as I said, the frequency of the ringing in my ears pretty much drowns it out. Perhaps others will have a different opinion.
  6. So, would you consider my computer in danger? Would bad capacitators cause a louder sound than a mild whine?
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