Radeon 6670 for P5KPl-CM ?

Hi ,

I Would like to know, if radeon 6670 will work fine with an Asus P5KPL-CM motherboard and a supersonic 520 w bronze PSU, core 2 Duo 3 Ghz ?.

And which one would be good ,
1) 1 gb ddr3 or 1 gb ddr5 ?
2) XFX,HIS or Sapphire ?

Thanks everyone.
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  1. There have been some issues with no video from ver 2.1 cards in older ver 1.x slots. On some motherboards manufacturers fixed it with a BIOS update and there is an update (possible fix) available for your board dated 24 sept 2010.
    DDR5 is faster all mentioned brands are good.
  2. i already have the 24 sep , 2010 update (0702) for my motherboard .... so will it be ok now ?
  3. Most likely but I do not know whether the fix was there.
  4. Let me do a little research..... will be back after some time
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