Xfx 6870 2G with eyefinity for bf3

Anyone running eyefinity (3 monitor)with xfx hd 6870 2G on BF3, i only getting a max of 20 FPS on low display. anyone have the same FPS as mine?
Currently i wanted to get the 2nd 6870 to CF, will that help in FPS.
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  1. The extended resolution of 3 monitors is a little too much for the card another one will help!
  2. if i get the cf for 6870 on eyefinity, will the FPS increase double, or should i consider a single 6970 2G?
  3. It will not double but it will increase up to about 90% (most lower though) depending on game, here you can see that on average it beats the 5970 http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/ATI/Radeon_HD_6870_CrossFire/23.html
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