I5 3570k box didn't come with thermal paste - do I need?

My question is pretty self explanatory. I got a new i5 3570k processor, and although it came with a stock heatsink, it didn't come with a tube of thermal paste. And there's no mention of thermal paste at all in the processor's manual. Is the thermal paste pre-applied to the processor? Or does this processor not need any paste at all?

I plan on using the stock cooler and stock clock settings for now. Eventually I will buy a better heatsink in order to overclock, but for now I just want to see if this processor will work with my motherboard.

Thanks in advance for your replies!
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  1. Check under the stock cooler, there should be some silver looking gunk on it.

    A. Do not touch it.

    B. thermal paste is absolutely necessary. I recommend Arctic Silver 5.
  2. What chayes said: Intel HSF usually come with some paste pre-applied so you don't need any for the initial installation.

  3. Showing thermal compound pre-applied.

    From a i5-3570K unboxing video here
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