ATI 5750 no triple monitor support

I know this topic has been asked before but my situation is slightly different due to my video card outputs, etc.

So I'm running an ATI 5750 and it has only the following 3 outputs: DVI, HDMI, and VGA.

My primary monitor is DVI (used for general computer use), second monitor is HDMI (actually LCD 40" TV used strictly for PC gaming), and my third monitor is VGA (this monitor is supposed to be used with my primary monitor when I'm doing research for uni classes).

So here's the problem I can only activate 2 monitors at a time, no matter which way I may try (windows settings or Catalyst Control). I'm not interested in Eyeinfinity at all, just 3 monitors as separate displays, if thats not possible I don't even mind duplicating the TV picture and third monitor picture, I'll just turn the respective display off depending on what I'm doing.
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    You will need a card with display port for the third monitor support! A DVI splitter would allow for the same signal sent to two monitors!
  2. My video card unfortunately has no displayport at the back, only dvi, hdmi and vga. I don't mind duplicating the picture from the hdmi ouput to my tv and primary monitor as you said, but I have one question, what would happen to the resolution?

    So heres what I mean:
    tv resolution 1920x1080
    primary monitor 1680x1050

    So I'm bascially asking is that if those two devices are sharing the picture from the hdmi output via a splitter, will it make the resolution less on the tv, or any other side effect?
  3. I imagine that you would only have one of them on at the same time and adjust the resolution accordingly.
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