Stuck on which PSU to get?

I am shopping for a PSU to power this system:

i5 3570k
Extreme4 Z77 Mobo
500 GB HD

I only trust Antec, SeaSonic, and MAYBE Corsair. I was wonder how OCZ was too?

Here are a few PSU's I have picked, would like to know what you think.



If you can recommend one, please do. MODULAR ONLY, WON'T SPEND OVER $80 ON ONE
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  1. If I decide no modular needed, what about this one?
  2. No mention of a video card in your specs and you have a 550w, a 600w and a 750w that you are looking at ?

    Want to base your decision only on price ?

    The XFX is the best of the bunch, but do you need that much power ?
  3. No vid card atm, but will be adding either the 7850 or 7870.
  4. Got the modular 550w antec, modular 600w OCZ and non modular 650w XFX (It was 750w, I didn't mean to choose that one).

    Which is best?
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    A good quality 550 would be plenty for a single card
    Personally I wouldn't call the Antec good quality, not bad but...............
    The OCZ is another budget grade psu, not bad but..........
  6. The XFX is the best of the bunch then comes the OCZ and the antec.
  7. I like the 550W XFX. As you said, it will be plenty for my build Thanks again Delluser1!

    Thanks lilotimz.
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