Leadtek WinFast PX6600GTExtreme Left 4 dead,COD 4,Crysis

Hello Toms hardware i wanted to ask about the Leadtek WinFast PX6600GTExtreme 128 will it be able to run Left 4 Dead,Cod 4 and Crysis on lowest with no lag.I have seen people runing Cod 4 on highest with this card but i need to ask that.
my other specs are:
Intel Pentium 3.2 800 FSB
3 gb of ram ddr2

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  1. :lol: :pt1cable: :na:


    No it won't. :non:

    You might be able to run those games, but I doubt your experience will be lag free. Crysis should run, at the lowest res with the lowest settings, but there will probably be slow down in some areas due to your CPU. I'd expect the same with the other games though they aren't as demanding so it should be smoother.
  2. dud the memory clock of this card si 1100 mhz like 600 mhz higher then the 8500GT and the shader is much beather,also this edition of the 6600GT can beat a ASUS 8500GT any day of the week and can you tell me will it it be able to run League of Legends and i will be using a diffrent cpu core 2 duo 3.0 will that run it good on lowest with 40 fps at least
  3. and i will be using a special custum cfg that will help alot while not messing the details too bad it will be like dx9 and i really dont care about the grapics as long as it runs good with at least 20 fps and i think i will be able to run it like that cause im playing Crysis on my intel gma 3150 with that cfg and the fps is like 10-20 most of time and the clock of intel gma 3150 is 200 mhz xD
  4. the second post is about Crysis
  5. The comparison to the 8500GT isn't really fair. For one, the 6600GT only has 8 pixel shaders and 3 vertex shaders while the 8500 has 16 universal shaders which are clocked much higher. The 8500GT also has as better fillrate. The 6600GT has better memory bandwidth and is going to do better in older less shader intensive games made with the 6000 series in mind, but for more modern games built for DX 10 with a DX 9 fall back should do better on the 8500GT. Even then an 8500GT is not much of a gaming card at all.

    The minimum requirements for Crysis are a Radeon 9800 Pro 256 or a 6800 256. Your card only has 128MB of RAM so it doesn't even have the minimum amount of vRam Crysis expects. It might run, but it ain't going to be smooth and it ain't going to be pretty.

    Cod 4 isn't very demanding so it should run o.k on that setup and it might be smooth on medium, or even high settings, but I wouldn't expect it to be 100% smooth. As for left 4 dead, your a little above the minimum requirements with that setup so again it might run on lowest but I wouldn't expect it to be smooth.
  6. If you want to do it then I say you go ahead and try it, but if you want someone here to tell you it will be smooth either they don't know any better or they are lying to you.
  7. Of course if they do know and they aren't lying to you then they probably spent a fair amount of time and effort configuring their setup and those games to run smooth, but yeah not too many of those :p
  8. weel i got a EN8500GT in my home ready to be intalled i just to lower the shader to 1100 from 1330,memory a bit,and incrase the fan speed and with that i think i would run games like League of Legends good but i asked will League of Legends run on the 6600GT since it has lile less system req then Cod 4
  9. like*
  10. so if you tell me i can run Cod 4 on high then i will play League of Legends on medium with 1024x768 res with 40+ fps xD.That game has low level graphics but it can get laggy in team fights do to much things geting rendered on the screen and alot of spells and other crap
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