CPU Temp range average i5-2500k

Two questions
1) Best software to check cpu core temperatures that you can have running while playing a game
2) What's accepted range?
- Using CPUID Hardware Monitor, my i5-2500k oc'd with stock cooler to 4.1
- Cores 0-4 are at a min max of 35C / 80c
- Package is 36c / 81c

I am looking at the min max after running Portal 2 for a while.
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  1. For the i5-2500K, the stock temperatures on idle should average around 35C. For playing P2 with no OC then you should be reaching 60-65C. If your cooling is not fantastic, maybe 70C
  2. I use RealTemp myself. That's pretty hot for running games, especially something like P2 which I assume isn't very processor intensive. You need to reset your cooler or buy a better one

    My 2600K @ 4.6 really never hits 60 C on any game
  3. ambient temp has alot to do with your temps for example my 2600k at 4.7 on prime12hours runs 47c hottest core with a ambient temp of 19c. when my ambient temp gets up to 30 - 33 my cpu temps get up to 63c. keep in mind these temps are under water. As for your stock cooler i would say your temps are perfectly fine considering your oc. in my opinion i wouldn't oc anything on the stock cooler. I don't feel comfortable with running my cpu in the 80's. i would suggest to pick up a CM212 evo its around 30$ and will get your a decent oc with much better temps!
  4. You shouldn't be overclocking that high on stock cooling, settle for a 3.9ghz oc! Pick up a CM Hyper 212+, to answer your question: Those temperatures are expected on stock cooling, however max temp for the 2500k is roughly 85C!
  5. Ty all. I added a coolermaster 212 evo with Artic Silver Thermal and now at 4.2ghz I'm running D3 under 60C
  6. I have an I5 2500k. I played with the "Intel Extreme Tuning utility" today with mixed results. It goes through its process of changing and restarting, and at one point, I couldn't even get the bios to load -- I had to use the back2bios button and reset the defaults for the performance settings to boot. Not that happy with that tool, although I'm sure you guys don't use things like that anyway.

    Back to the point -- the utility got me to 106W on "turbo boost power" and slightly higher multipliers for 1, 2, 3, and 4 active cores, 44x for each of those, and was at 4.1GHz. However, on stress testing the processor temps got to 90C which triggered a popup warning. I checked this forum and saw numbers in the 70 range, and stopped the test right away. then i reverted the multipliers to defaults (37, 36, 35, 34x), and checked again.

    Idle temp is 43C or so, and a 5 min stress test puts it at 85 or so now.

    The motherboard is an Intel DZ68BC.

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