Help me decide on this build

hey folks. i dont want to rant but i have become exausted at shopping and so far i think i have determined that this is the best build i can afford. all this stuff is on amazon, (because those guys have the better prices and ive been happy with them so far) for $609.11 minus a hdd. i do need one its just they sold out before i ordered.

i want to play skyrim and rage and so on (i know a $600 gamer are u crazy,\) but i can enjoy games at med settings.
here is the build. i may be totally wrong but i think this should do nicely. ( i have an xbox level laptop with integrated hd 4200)

amd black 3.0 ghz phenom II quad core = 114.99 (from what i gather extra cores aren't worth it right now)

sapphire radeon hd 6870 1gb 256 bit = 164.99 (i'm pretty sure it was labled as 256 bit although don't guess it matters terribly)

corsair 600w psu = 69.16

cooler master HAF 912 mid atx = 59.99 (the case is probably where i need the most help i dont know ANY of the brands but i need to stay under $100)

GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard = 149.99
(sli ready) * i am only getting one card right now, but i may (meaning surely probably) want to team them in the future. i like nvidia and radeon both, hence the SLI

corsair vengeance 8gb (2x4) ddr 3 1600 mhz = 49.99

total = 609.11

they sold out of the seagate barracuda 7200 500gb (forget the price i think around 75.00)

are these parts all compatible with each other? (i read all the details about wattage usage and pin connecters and i think so but i'm still a little nervous about doing this after so long)

will this build run skyrim and it's ilk decently? i dont need FSAA and stuff (only have a 720p LCD right now anyways) although i do like AF turned on usually.
suggestions, criticism are all welcome and appreciated.

thank you all.


ps i haven't posted on a forum for a long time either, so if im in the wrong place or its a stupid question or whatever, sorry
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  1. Any case will work really but if you want to OC then comes finding a good one. If you dont want to OC then i would go with an Intel setup but your at that price point where Amd is a huge consideration. I own a NZXT Gamma and I love it.
  2. the fx 4100 quad core is cheaper than the phenom ii. are there any difference in the two?
  3. the 4100:
    clocked higher by 600MHz
    more L3 cache
    different socket

    The FX4100 is a better processor and you can keep the mobo you have selected to use it. I would recommend an Asrock board since they offer more features for a cheaper price. The only drawback is they dont overclock as far as Asus or Gigabyte but you can get their flagship board right now for the same price as the one you have listed.
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