Installed Memory 8.00GB (2.92 Usable)

I just got a new build going, but for some reason under System Information it says I have 8GB of installed memory but 2.92GB usable? Does anyone know why this is? How do I get the full 8GB?
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  1. Which version of Windows are you using?
  2. If you have only a 32bits OS, you can use 4GB max but you also need to carve out chunks of it for memory-mapped IO for the video card and other devices, which may be how you end up under 3GB.

    In that case, the only thing you can do is upgrade to a 64bits OS.
  3. ^+1 to the guys above, windows 32 bit can only use up to 4gb of ram 1gb going to the system which makes you only have roughly 3 gb useable.
  4. if you have 64 bit and this is happening, go to "Run" type "msconfig" go on the "Boot" tab and click on "Advanced options" and now untick "Maximum Memory" click Ok and Apply and restart your PC
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