Need a new graphics card, but have terrible form factors

I'm searching for a graphics card that will be able to run SWTOR, at a good rate. However, my systems form factors are kicking my ass. I'm running with a small tower, and only a 220 watt PSU. Trying to find decent graphics cards to fit these specs, aren't exactly an easy task. The computer i'm currently trying to fix up is a Gateway sx2803 ub20P.
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  1. A 220W PSU is not going to run anything nice, especially considering it's probably a no-name PSU.

    If you didn't want to upgrade the PSU, you could try a Radeon 6670

    It costs $70, $55 with the mail-in rebate, and under load a full system draw brings it at 124W

    You should also mention what resolution you'll be running the game at.
  2. Is there a reason why you only want to upgrade the video card , is it a lack of funds . It makes more sense to upgrade the psu so you can get a somewhat decent video card.
  3. You will have to upgrade the PSU if you want run a better card than you have now. There is no other way around it. So if you are fixing up another computer and money is the problem. Maybe you should leave this one alone and put your money into the one you are fixing. But if you need to upgrade the psu go with 400w or better. You probley won't have enough room for bigger cards. So 400w would do you. You are looking about 50.00 for a good one.
  4. What is your budget?
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