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i recently bought a bunch of fans and a molex to ac/dc power converter as i'm building a laptop cooler. i find out the wires are not spring enough to carry the amperage as i'm connecting them all together at one point. it will be taking 2 amps as each fan is .25 amps. the molex connectors don't go into each other like standard case fans i am going to have to bring everything to an 18 gauge wire so it can hold the amp load. i an going to have to recrimp the wire and form the pins with in the molex connector housing. doors any body know the size of the crimp of wire in the housing?
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  1. An easy way to do something like that is to get a terminal block
    use one side for fans and the other for a molex connector with larger wire.
  2. how would this work? any other possible ideas? I have 8 fans that utilize male molex connections and I need to bring them eventually into one molex connection with an 18 awg wire or larger.
  3. Look at the radioshack link. It has 4 connnectors on left hooked to 4 on right.
    Cut the wires on your fans and put spade lugs on them. Hook 2 red to the top right screw and 2 black to the next screw down on right. Hook 2 more red to bottom right and 2 more black to the next one up.

    On the other (left side) hook middle two together with jumper. Hook larger black wire from PSU or molex (ground) to two center lugs. Hook larger 12 v wire to top and bottom lugs left on terminal block (that are jumped together) . Now you have 12 v and ground to all 4 fans. Add any number all red to red and black to black .

    Another way is to plug all your molex fans together and plug the whole bunch into an adapter. Forgot you are working on lab top cooler.
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