PSU requirement for Radeon HD 7770?

Just bought a new video card (see specs below), the manufacturer says 450W minimum, and the place I bought it from says 600W minimum requirement. My current stock PSU is apparently 300W. I have had a few people (from these forums) suggest that I try the card with my stock PSU and see if it can handle it or not, but after doing some research, it seems like the card idles around 80W-100W and with a load goes up to around 250W. (

To me, it seems like these numbers are pretty indicitive that my 300W PSU won't be enough. But I was hoping to get some feedback from some people who are more knowledgeable on the subject.

1. First, what are your thoughts on these W numbers (min recommended, apparent card usage, etc)?
2. Secondly, If I do need a new PSU, what wattage, and even better, what unit should I go with keeping in mind I am a poor college student. :D

System Specs

Card Specs
-Place I purchased it from:
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    250W as a total system power not the GPU only. Your PSU should power it easily through a Molex adapter if it doesn't have a 6 Pin PCIE conector. If you wanna upgrade your PSU, get something like this

    EDIT: The card itself draws around 80W in full load, you'll be fine with your PSU.
  2. Hello pkrsccr;

    Those 80W-100W ~ 250W numbers would be for a complete test system. Not just the graphics card.

    Here's the AMD recommendation for a HD 7770 system.

    Have you checked to see if anyone in the HP forums has already tried that card & PSU combo?
  3. oh, thanks for the quick responses! i didn't realize it was the complete system (silly me!), which is i guess why i asked. So you guys think i should give it a try with the stock 300W psu and see if it is adequate? this won't harm any of my components or anything if it isnt?

    what should i look for that would indicate that it might not be enough power?

    ps. i have not seen that card & PSU combo tested elsewhere and i even searched beyond these forums (the whole WWW) :D

    edit: and why does the manufacturer, amd, (and especially tigerdirect) have such high min PSU recommendations when the highest load i have seen from multiple sources is around 250W?
  4. The recommendation has to cover a whole multitude of different combinations hardware.
    A fully loaded case, extra lights, bells, whistles and weak PSUs all have to be accounted for in a near-worst case scenario.

    In your research over at the HP forums what were some of the other graphics cards successfully run on that same PSU?
  5. If you read of any HD 5770s running OK on that PSU - you know your 7770 is a safe bet.
  6. Try it & don't worry. I had run my 9600 GT on a 300W Dell PSU too.
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  8. would the antec hcg-400 also be sufficient to power this card?
  9. hi there, would my 450w psu power my asus hd radeon 7770 overclocked?
  10. good answers,had the same question myself.
  11. I got a PSU that's around 200 Watts (says 450w but AxV = 200w), enough for a simple rig with 7770?
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