NewBuild: Advice/Caveats to my build. (X79)

hi guy,s this is my pc build in the prose's , I wonder if this will be better than the z77 build for next years to come thanks

case }cooler master haf 932
cpu } INTEL CORE I7 3930K 3.20G/12M/S2011


Power Supplie } 1000 watt cooler master


cooling h20 } CORSAIR HYDRO H80 H2O CWCH80
hdd2 } SATA3 2.0TB W.D 64M WD20EARX GREEN

ssd hdd } 2.5 SATA2 120.0 OCZ SSD VERTEX PLUS

video card } ASUS PCIE RAD HD7970 DIRECTCUII 1000MHz 3072M

bd drive } BD-R BLU-RAY ASUS BW-12B1ST SATA 12X

dvd drive } DVD+/-RW LG GH24NS90 SATA DL 24X OEM BLACK
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  1. Depends. The 3930K is a hell of a CPU but really the 2011 platform seems overpriced compared to Sandy/Ivy and there isn't a great leap in performance. If you do a lot of rendering/heavily threaded apps, the 3930K may be the better choice, but otherwise I'd say no

    Don't know what you're using this build for, but 32 GB of RAM is probably a bit overkill. 8 is more than fine for the average user

    1000 w PSU is overkill also

    Nvidia GTX 680 is a better performer all around than the 7970 Radeon
  2. thanks you i do a lot of rendering/heavily threaded apps I had 16g b but it was sluggish the gtx 680 is very good but i already have the hd7970 i should have waited for the gtx680 but the hd7970 it works well on games I was going to get another hd 7970 to crossfire but one is works well i was going to get a 3770k but only went up to 32gb of ram an they said it over heats if push over 4.2 the x79 can go to 64gb
  3. how is the 3820 any good for multitask video editing apps whit four cores it is cheaper than 3930k
  4. The 3820 would be no better than the 2600K/3770K
  5. OK thanks for your answer bearclaw99 I was looking at the ASUS P9X79pro X79 an ASUS P9X79 DELUXE X79 motherboard,s it is a bit cheaper than ASUS RAMPAGE IV EXTREME X79 but will it work just as well, thanks
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