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If I apply Arctic Silver 5 between my clean CPU and HS/F, how long do I need to let it 'age' before I can OC and run stress tests using Prime95? I've read that AS5 require a long break-in period of rising and falling temps before it is at its best.
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    Supposedly, the curing time is "up to" 200 hours, but there will only be maybe a 1-3C difference. Personally, I've only ever seen a 1-2C difference in my own experience. I'd say you're free to stress test all you want, and actually stress testing can be a good thing, since that takes the temps up enough to allow the AS5 to go through temp cycles (may speed up curing time).
  2. Good point about the stress testing helping the AS5 go thru temp cycles. I hadn't thought about that. OK. Thanks.
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