First PC build - $1000 budget!

I'm about to do my first build and I need a little advice on what to get.

I want the highest gaming performance I can get on a budget of $1000 (Max settings, 1080P, good framerate), good upgrade potential (SLI for later on), USB 3.0's (at least 2),a little bit eye candy, and 8 GB ram.

Any advice is welcome on how I could cut some of the price/any incompatibilities/better choices. I wanted to go with an AMD processor (cheaper?) or an intel i7 (best?) because one of my friends strayed against intel due to their higher prices and said I should get AMD with ATI graphics, but I want to go with NVIDIA graphics for sure (unless theres a good reason why not to)

After some revision, these are the components I've picked out so far:


HARD DRIVE(cant find a good 1TB 6GB/s, 7200 RPM, 64mb cache, so going 1.5 TB..):

VIDEO CARD (Plan on SLI later on):

POWER SUPPLY(would like to get a cheaper one, but it needs to be 750w for SLI later):

RAM MEMORY(bundled with CPU):


CPU(bundled with RAM):


CPU FAN (Necessary?):

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  1. The case that you chose a full tower which are pretty big, but if size is not an issue for you then its fine ;) otherwise i would suggest that you consider a mid tower case instead. Usually cases come with enough fans so that you do not need to add extra ones.

    As for a heatsink for your CPU, it is not necessary as CPUs usually come with a stock fan. Stock fans are enough to keep your cpu running smoothtly unless you plan to OC your system. If you do plan to OC your CPU you would need to get the K version of the i5 (i5 2500k as opposed to the i5 2500).

    As for your power supply, i would suggest
    its a tier lower than the one you've originally selected, but it is still 80 bronze certified which is more than adequate.

    With the extra cash i would suggest that you upgrade your mobo:

    Lastly, with the sudden hike in Hard drive prices, I would go for a 500gig HD and wait till the prices return to normal and pick up a 2tb green drive. That's just my personal preference though lol.
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