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HELLO hi got my self a new asus motherboard for my computer and i put my my old fan on it but is spinning so fast and loud i never had this with my old motherboard can someone help please how do i slow it down
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  1. Go into the BIOS, look for the section called Hardware Monitor or something like that. That screen will show your CPU temps, motherboard temps, and voltages. You can change the fan speed profile in there.

    That said, if the fan is blowing a lot louder than before, it is possible that the cooler is not securely in place and your CPU is overheating, hence the very high fan speeds to try and cool it down. If you see very high temperatures in BIOS, reattach the cooler. A new application of thermal paste would also definitely help if you didn't do a new application when you moved the CPU.
  2. More info pl0x.
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