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I am building a HTPC for my dad it will be used on a 55" 1080p tv. i already have a micro-atx case, a Vertex 3 60gb SSD, and a 400W power supply, and 1333Mhz 4gb (2gb x 2) ram. I cant decide whether to get an APU or CPU + Discrete. The PC will only be used for surfing the web, youtube, dvds, and maybe blu-rays.

APU Options: Budget of $130

AMD A8-3850
AMD A6-3670K
AMD A6-3650
AMD A6-3500

I really like the APU because of the mobo i picked out for it which is BIOSTAR TA75M+RCH

The mobo has options that i need which will be perfect.

Now do i need a discrete card? cause there is no gaming only web surfing and 1080p video playback.
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    With the APU you don't need a discrete card, it has a pretty powerful GPU.

    And the good thing about the APU's is that you can add a discrete card later if it doesn't seem to be good enough, but it should be.
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