SFF Gaming PC?

Hi guys,
I pretty much want a small sized gaming pc much like the dell alienware x51, though i'm pretty much aware that you cannot buy a case that 'perfect' out on the market. The internal components i've pretty much got it sorted out (except the PSU wattage). So i'm sort of stuck on the case and what to get.

And oh, i'll be visiting Hong Kong soon, I've heard that Hong Kong seems to be famous for its computer shops in those skanky malls...

The specs:

Processor: i5 2500k (probably won't OC, but if i do, it'll only be a bit)
Mobo: Asus P8B75-M
RAM: 2x 4GB RAM @1600MHz - I don't really care what brand at the moment
Graphics: Thinking of the Sapphire HD 7850
HDD: Seagate 1TB @7200 rpm
ODD: Some random cheap DVD-RW will be fine
PSU: Thinking of the Antec EA650 (80 plus).

and finally case.. I have no idea, though i did seem to come across this case on newegg, but i'm kind of sceptical on online shopping (just because i got scammed twice)

I honestly don't want me SFF case to look like a mid-tower case cuz i really don't have much space in my room :(

I will be using the computer to game (BF3 + F1 2012 + others) and photoshop besides the normal stuff we do... ;)

Any thoughts on what case I should get and if the PSU i've chose above (650W) is good enough?

thanks a lot guys
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  2. Nope, I haven't!
    Thanks for the heads up on it!

    I was also looking at the rosewill ranger-m, . Seems to be a bit smaller than the silverstone! (1315 inch^3 vs 1779 inch^3) and yes, its quite a lot cheaper too!
    Wondering if the ranger-m can fit all the stuff i need...
  3. Well, silverstone has much better components in it and it has MUCH better cooling!
  4. BTW a 500W quality power supply will run your system!
  5. definitely agree with your build quality and cooling opinion! You do get what you pay for...

    Was watching a video on youtube about installing components on the silverstone, man does it look much easier than the ranger m :D
    i think i might be sold :)

    and you serious? a 500W will be enough?! I might run a SSD later on in the future (when i save enough money :P)
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