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I just installed an ASUS HD-6950 DirectCUII graphics card in my PC, and it works fine w. DVI cable to my old Dell monitor. I bought a SONY 37" HDTV w. HDMI input ... Using a DVI to HDMI (male/female) adapter, I connected up to the SONY receiver ... and nada ... the receiver shows an HDMI input in use, but no signal from the PC ... I unplugged the TV and re-plugged in the monitor to the same HDMI jack on the card and it works fine ... obviously not getting a valid HDMI signal through to the SONY, but I don't have a clue why ... The HDMI cable works fine w. other video equipment in my home, so it's not the cable.

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  1. if your video card has a HDMI jack how come your using a DVI to HDMI adapter? that could be the problem if the adapter is faulty.. what resolution and refresh rate do you have set in your video card settings? try 60hz @ 1920x1080, or 60hz at 1280x720.. im not sure the model of your tv so i dont know what all itll handle, did you switch the video input on the TV to HDMI 1/2 or how ever many ports it has?
  2. Actually, the card has four displayport jacks and two DVI jacks, which the manual says will support HDMI (and I would think so, since it came w. the DVI->HDMI adapter) I also tried another DVI->HDMI adapter w/o any change ... haven't tried any changes to the card driver/software as I'm not sure how to alter, and don't want to make any changes I can't undo ... Not very familiar (obviously) with all the driver ins/outs ...
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