Upgrading a slimline acer

Current system: 4GB RAM, 1.3Ghz Processor, DVD-RW drive, Windows 7 64 bit. It is a typical question. The issue I have is the 220w PSU and the integrated Radeon 6300 graphics.

There is a PCIe x 16 expansion port and I wish to upgrade my graphics by adding a new card. I do not need a top of the range but I want as good a card as I can afford. However,I know that the 220w power supply is very limiting.

I would rather have the best card I can get without increasing power but if I have to do it I need to know the most compatible items to install.

Can anyone kindly let me know of the most appropriate Graphics Card for my system to keep within 220w and a reasonable card and power supply if I need to go further?

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  1. I would recommend a HD 6450
    I picked this model because it uses a 128bit memory interface compared
    the other 64 bit cards
    a little faster
    this is a review of card showing power consumption

    also since you have a slimline tower you need a low profile or half height card

    this is the most powerful card that will probably run okay on a 220w PSU

    as far as upgrading Power Supply it will be real hard since you have a slimline tower
    ATX standard PSUs wont fit

    If your looking at light duty gaming and home theater use (1080p,streaming videos etc)
    then the HD 6450 will be great

    if you are looking to get into gaming then I hate to say this but you would have to
    think about a new system completely
  2. also be careful that if you have an older PCIe 1.0 slot some 2.1 cards will have problems running in the older slot
    if possible go to Acer support website and see if a BIOS upgrade is available
    since that can help
  3. Fantastic help. Thank you all (both)!

    This is indeed for low gaming use and video, so I think you have hit the nails on the head.
  4. Although... I am reading the AMD page on that card and it suggests 400w requirement, which seems at odds with the power consumption review you posted. Am I right in thinking the AMD page is referring to something like a 2GB version at the top most usage? None of the other product pages seem to state the power usage. I am eager for the 6450 to be the right one!

    Thanks again.
  5. Card makers will always specify much higher wattage than the card really uses for safety and liability reasons
    Please do realize that while this is a very low wattage card (approx 30w at max load)
    that adding a GPU will increase stress on PSU
    TBH the Acer wasnt really meant to have a discrete GPU
    you will be pushing the PSU close to its limits
    it is a risk you have to decide if you want to take
    I personally use a HD 5670 (64w max load) on a Dell 280w PSU
    I understand that I am possilbly risking my PSU but so far has been fine running
    24 hours 7 days a week since May 2011
    Upgrades can carry risks
  6. Yes, I understand. I can tell that it the system isn't designed for gaming but in every other respect seems quite robust. Adding a low end GPU is worth it I think. Thanks again for the advice.
  7. definitley adding a discrete GPU will increase performance dramatically
    even a lower end card will make a difference
    you have the IGP Radeon 6300 so a discrete 6450 will be good
  8. Now that I come to it I find that NewEgg dont sell to UK and I cannot seem to find 128 bit. Everything is 64 bit over here for some reason. Infuriating!... and only 1GB!
  9. dont worry about memory size
    doesnt help performance with a lower end card
    basically the GPU core isnt fast enough to move enough data to fill more than 1gb anyway

    check out Ebay UK
  10. I cannot seem to get a decent link that isnt from the US and thus adds double the price tag.

    I have found the following, which I have to wonder are equivalent in any way...






    King SMP, you have been a great help so far. These were wheedled out by looking for 128 bit, low profile cards but I keep worrying over the power costs and compatiblity. Any opinion on these, from anyone, would be helpful.

  11. I would pick one of the HD 6570s myself
    good card
    can handle light gaming (medium settings under 1920x1080)
    and asus and sapphire are great card makers
  12. Thanks again. As long as no alarm bells are ringing, I will feel better.

    I have only just realised I asked this question in the totally wrong section using all the wrong protocols. I feel like I should apologise to Tom's Hardware.
  13. Actually as an experienced member I say you did perfect
    Graphics is the section to ask about video card compatiblitiy with system
    also you put it under Radeon
    and you are buying a Radeon card
    So I think you did fine

    If there was a problem a moderator wouldve moved you to the appropriate section

    this question might of fit in the OEM section under Acer but the problem is
    that is a quiet section while Graphics is much busier

    You did well
    no apologies needed in my humble opinion
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