Fx-8120 fan speed and temps jump up and down like a yo-yo

Whats up with that ?
I have c1e and cool'n'quiet enabled, turbo boost is disabled.
The fan goes up and down, up and down, and so does the core clock. even when im just staring at the desktop...
windows 7 ultimate, stock cooler...
gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 mobo...
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  1. Latest Bios?
  2. nope, im afraid to flash it.
    can i do it with just the basic usb or do i need a special format or smth ?
  3. try setting windows to balanced power mode, could be that you have it set to performance which will not allow the core to clock down and power save.
  4. it has a program that came on the disc with the board to flash it.

    use that download bios to desktop, open program select the new bios the hit flash. once its done it will just ask to reboot let it do so. then on booting up the hit delete to enter set up screen might change to a bios update bar let it do what it needst to do.

    once thats done worst case it will say over clocking failed hit F1 do that then hit F10 key and let it boot job done.

    you cant go wrong with it trust me, if it fails which UEFI bios wont and shouldnt go into bios and just tel it to go back to the last working bios just like system restore and boom its back to normal.

    its not hard seriously.



    List of all Programs for your Mobo (win 7 32bit)


    hope it helps i have that board in a back up PC and its a good easy bit of kit
  5. ok i flashed it, easy as hell.
    running on f6 bios now, it didnt fix the stuff tho... fan is still going crazy sometimes over nothing, like opening chrome or writing this text atm...

    why should i install the utilites tho ? will they help ?
  6. That gigabyte board is failproof. Use @bios program to flash it. Even if you lose power while its flashing, gigabyte has the dual bios faeture. Even if you erase the main bios, it will boot so you can do it again and again till its done right.
  7. Install EasyTune. Click Smart. Over there you can edit the fan profile: at what temperature it will run at what speed.
  8. In BIOS go to hardware monitor and try to raise your target temps a bit (target temp when is hit the fan starts to spin faster). If this isnt helping probably your temp sensor its not working properly (its posible that it shows wrong numbers witch ar higher then the "target" temps and thats why your fan is going crazy ). Try to see how fast your temps change. If they change to fast then your sensor might be dead OR you have not mounted your cooler properly
  9. Quick question, did you use any thermal paste or just used the fan with the grey stuff that was already there on the heatsink?
  10. ye, the temperature goes from 29C to 41C INSTANTLY.. blink of an eye
    well, i mounted the cooler like this - screwed the bottom part open a little bit, put the thing under the thing, then put the other thing on the other side on the other thing and then clipped it in... its not moving or anything and it had pre-applied thermal compound.
  11. Ok. The compound it comes with is pretty thick, but ok to use. Try this to make sure its seated as good as it can. With it still clipped down, rotate the whole heatsink several times. It won't move much at all, but it will move. Apply just a little pressure as you do it. Thermal paste works bets in a micro thin layer, doing this helps move the excess out of the way.
  12. was there smth wrong with the heatsink ?
    cause when i applied one end of the heatsink under the plastic thing, then the other one didnt go... i tried so many times and then i decided to screw the thing apart and lift it up, put the clip under it and screw it back on to the backplate
  13. Nothing wrong with it, just the amount of pre-installed compound can be a bit much. Basically what I said can be deascibed as squishing a pb&j sandwich, its to move some of the compound around and get a better seat. It can be done without removing the clamps, I normally do this on every install, and often if the temps are high ill just rotate the heatsink again until I'm satisfied.


    Right at 2:30 is what i am referring to doing.
  14. considering that nowdays the temp seonsor is mounted on die next to the cores the temps vary preety quick. 41 degrees is not much (if it would be 80 that would be a problem). As i sayd, raise your taget temps higher, lets say 55 degrees. The coole shoul start raising revs only @ that temp
  15. okay i rotated the cpu heatsink... did nothing!

    atm my window is open (cold air coming from outside) - i removed both case fans - i opened the sidepanel...
    now im sitting (no back processes running) and my temp is 22C and its quiet - then suddenly: WHOOSH, temperature 40 and fan skyrockets the RPM and its really loud and it lasts for 2-3 seconds... its so annoying, therer must be a fix for that.

    What should i enable/disable in the bios ? (altho ive tried so many combos: c1e disabled while coolnquet enabled etc etc.)
  16. should i install the windows 7 bulldozer hotfix or smth ?
  17. the hotfixes only affect the way windows sees the cpu.

    Trying to find some information as to why it would be doing that, the one I set up before was that exact setup using the stock heatsink.

    in the bios under PC Health status, change the CPU smart fan MODE from auto to voltage. ill do some more checking.

    Im wondering if the motherboard sensors are a bit faulty, hopefully not.
  18. it all just randomly stopped... wtf is going on...
    lets hope it carries on this way
  19. can't find my stock cpu fan right now. did that fan have 4 wires or just 3? I may have told you the wrong setting for it. 3 wires is voltage mode, 4 wires is pwm.

    also when your on the pc health status screen, watch it for a bit, see if the temps jump around while on that screen. If they are jumping more than 3 degrees at a time while on that screen (not in windows), it may be the motherboard itself.
  20. you did not raise your target temps to 55? it seems that the fan kicks in @ 40 degrees. Simply raise the target ttemp ...
  21. it has 4 pinholes and goes into 4pin cpu-fan slot.

    anyways, what did the other guy say about removing stickers and overleft residue to reduce fan noise ?
    also somebody said, that the heatsink compound is piece of *** and i should replace that and would be good to go.
  22. pin holes or wires.

    he said to remove the sticker on the fan but that doesn't make any sense unless it was loose and flapping.
  23. it has 4 wires, also i changed the smart cpu thing from auto to voltage.
    also i have c1e and cool'n'quiet enabled... doesent loook like its quiet..
  24. sorry, I forgot the stock fan was that one, it needs to be set to pwm instead.

    are the temps jumping any when your on the pc health status screen?

    Also, im trying to find something similar on giabytes website, http://forum.giga-byte.co.uk/index.php/board,6.100.html
  25. alright, changed it to pwm.
    also, it has 38/45C in pc health status
    core temp says 33 and at the same time speedfan says 53...

    i cant stand this *** anymore...
  26. finally found a similar problem. looks like trying to figure out how to use easy-tune is the only solution with the stock heatsink.

  27. if easytune is running then i can hear static from the speakers/headphones... not all the time, but once every 5 seconds or so i can hear one or two statics strokes..
  28. now thats really odd ... what was the website for your purchases, might be the best option to see what other cooling fans are available. the best value around here is the hyper 212.
  29. ok i configured the easytune6, does it have to run in the background for it to work/take effect ?
    also, should i try replacing thermal grease ?
    what BIOS settings should i have on C1E and Cool'n'quiet.

    Does it matter if its hyper 212 evo+ or hyper 212 evo.
    Simply, does this fit: http://www.galador.ee/catalog/product/174715-rr-212e-16pk-r1-cm-hyper-212-evo-1366-1156-1155-am3-3-2
    Also, what thermal grease to get ?
  30. its just ramping up... the temperatures... easytune doesent help either... if i put 100% at 100C then its quiet but temps rise to 65
  31. AMD stock fan for phe2 and buld is quite good but noisy. If u can't stand the noise than better change to aftermarket cooler


    If u had Silent case fan with pwm support u can plug in CPU fan header, and plug your cpu fan to mb fan plugin / other fan controler. (u set the cpu fan rpm at constant rpm that suit u the best). It risky, if u set too low the proc will becoming too hot and it will cause the system to shutdown. So i'm still recomend for aftermarket cooler.....

    edit: if aftermarket cooler fan is still too noisy. u can switch it to silent fan (I change mine) at the cost of performance.
  32. Its not the overall noise - its the random speedup noise, the RPM should ramp up when im opening chrome or skype...
  33. Looks like it had trouble with automatic fan controler. If it's me i will just disable it at bios and set it at constant rpm with a program (I'm using hw monitor pro).

    amd fan could run at 4000rpm so it's noisy. If 10% increase in automatic fan controler means about up 400rpm it will make noise. at after market fan that usually run at 2000 rpm -3000 rpm or 1200 rpm silent one. the noise/step up/step down will not noticed.

    I'm guesing nothing is broken, it just how the fan is. 4000 rpm monster....

    edit: increase or decrease of speed it just means the automatic controler is working, but because the fan is monster u will fell the spin up / the spin down more....

    For core speed up down like yoyo, it mean to like that. (i will start panicking if it do not constan change, mine constan change from 800, 2500, to 3800 just posting this and run couple aplication in background)
  34. so basically - everythings fine and i should just get an aftermarket cooler (evo 212) if the sound bothers me ?!

    BTW my friend has a fx8120 and hes fan doesent yoyo like that
  35. are your friend using same mobo? it could be mobo issue (since diffrent manufacture using diffrent menthod / parameter). if it was same or if it was same brand (gigabyte), u might want to send email to gigabyte. (their response quite fast actually i got mine replied at 3 days)

    nothing much can be done, the only one i can think of is setting fan to constan rpm or changing to lower rpm fan, so the effect of steping up / down anomaly can be reduced...

    hmm.. could u borrow your friend heatsink just to rule out broken fan (unbalanced fan fin) issue...... :D

    edit: i have a friend that using gigabyte Gigabyte GA-970 series (forgot the mobo name) & fx-8120 (brand new, a week old) that have the same noise (he also ask me the same question, what a dejavu.....), seems it more common in gigabyte ....
  36. he has 990fxa-d3 , i have 990fxa-ud3 which is better OC..
  37. Looks like i'm need to cross check with my friend mobo type.. (is he also using Ultra Durable series).....

    maybe i will borrow his fx just to test it on my build ... (but i doubt he will let me touch it)

    ^.^ looks like dead end here,...... well my sugestion still hold.
  38. basically - i should just get a hyper 212, stick a 120mm on it and be good to go ?
  39. To be honest I had the exact same problem. In my case it ended up fixing it self after 2 days or so but I feel your pain.
  40. how can it fix itself ? its not possible :D
    but, please tell me more: did it just randomly throttle up and then quiet down ? and like that every 5 minutes or so...

    i think atm its pretty decently quiet, but now the heat is the problem - playing bf3 i reach 59-63 :/ i need to get a new cooler i suppose
  41. cheti said:
    basically - i should just get a hyper 212, stick a 120mm on it and be good to go ?

    Id get the hyper 212 evo. its a dang good cooler. also the 120mm fan thats on it will be considerably quieter. the 212 evo will allow you to overclock it quite nicely also, its newer than the 212+ so its performance is a bit better.
  42. okay a few questions:
    1) is the hyper 212 quiet compared to amd and intel stock cooler s?
    2) can it fit in my case: bitfenix merc beta?
    3) Can it fit on my mobo: 990fxa-ud3 if i have corsair vengeance ram on it ? Will it block it ?
    4) How do i place it ? At the moment i have PSU sucking air out from gpu (bottom mounted), then i have a upper side fan blowing air on the cpu and top rear one sucking air out from the side of cpu. (case ones are 120mm, psu is corsair gs600 and it has 140mm)
  43. 1) the chart is a bit long, but the 212 is highlited, one of the quiter heat sinks there even on its highest speed, while maintaing near top performance. http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2655&page=4
    2&3) yes, this video even has a noctua (quite larger) installed.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn1OAVspqvM
    4) id put it blowing towards the rear fan.
  44. 1) yes, Hyper TX3 is also an option to consider if you are worried about case limitations and don't plan on pushing really high overclocks. It's also the simple AMD clip system.
    2) see above
    3) move your ram over. I have the same mobo and a tower heatsink. It's recommended to use the second and last slot for RAM anyway. Assuming you have 2 sticks.
    4) hyper 212 is tall. unless you have a wide case a side fan it won't work. I tried to fit a Corsair A70 in my case and it didn't fit with no side fan.

    Disable Cool and quiet and C1E. See if that helps any.
  45. I have the exact same problem with the GA-990fxa-UD3 and 8120 cpu. The fan noise goes up and down and it's unbearably annoying. Easy Tune sort of works but it ruins the MB audio causing to have blip sounds. I'm not the only person who has had trouble with the audio glitch.
  46. sdnsdf i had the SAME problem with ET and audio bleeping. wtf is wrong with this board
  47. I'm not the original poster but I had same problem with GA-990fxa-UD3 and a 8120 cpu. So I did as suggested here and went out and bought a Hyper 212 cooler and fitted it replacing the stock fan/heatsink. While I was at it I upgraded my old GeForce NX8600 to a GeForce GT620 and the problem seems to have disappeared for me. Thanks.
  48. yea i have the hyper 212 evo aswell, but i got a problem with the LLC. My rev 1.0 mobo doesent support LLC so whenever i put the voltages too high i get a bsod. Thats why im locked to 1.35V and 4.0ghz.

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