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Need help with a wireless card

Hey guys went to micro center today and picked up everything for my build except a case. Didnt have the one i wanted (so had to order that off new egg). They priced matched neweggs prices and saved me $50 off my i5 2500k and mobo, pretty excited! :). anyways....

I need a wireless pci card because i cant run wires to my computer unfortunately. I'm assuming the USB ones dont work that well for gaming and my best bet would just to get a card to slide into my mobo. The problem is im having trouble finding a decent pci card that matches the specs of my router. Currently i have the Belkin N600 DB N+ Router. Ive seen the ones that have like the 3 inch intennas sticking out the card but im wondering how well those actually work. Im just guessing that the ones with the antennas you can place on top of your rig would work better but i cant find any of those that support "N". I was going to just buy a belkin brand for compatibility but they only seem to make USB connectors. Can anyone give me hand with picking something out? Im going to be playing battlefield 3 and just dont want to worry about my internet lagging.
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