Radeon HD 6950 VS GTX 560 ti for BF3

Hey guys.
Id like to hear your opinions on which would be better for BF3,Skyrim, MW3 and other upcoming games.

In one corner we have the AMD Radeon HD 6950 1gb and in the other we have the GTX 560 ti 1gb.

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  1. Both are equal. I prefer green over red because it's a more relaxing color. =)
  2. Lol nice.
  3. Depending on your resolution the 6950 2GB is about 2 percent more powerful then the 560 Ti. The 560 Ti has Nvidia Physx backing it though. I'd get Nvidia, becuase I like Phsyx. However not many games use that so it's not a big deal.

    It really comes down to price, they are on par with each other.

    Id get this.

  4. Yea i like Nvidia havent had much luck with AMD's software but never had a problem with Nvidias. I know the 6950 has higher benchmarks than the 560 ti
  5. If you prefer Nvidia go with the 560Ti. They are pretty much the same the 560Ti and the 6950 power wise and trade blows with each other. Its all up to preference.
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