Does an AMD 8150 FX and water cooler need TIM?

I am building a new system, and have opted for my first water cooled cpu, in the form of the AMD 8150 FX with water cooler, I have read the setup guides and instructions on websites, and no one mentions putting TIM on the CPU as you would with an air cooler, so I am taking it that the liquid cooler doesn't need this, but thought I would ask on here to see if someone can confirm this.
So um, stupid question I guess, but would feel happier with some input, so am I right in assuming that the liquid cooling kit doesn't need TIM?
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  1. My understanding is that all cooling solutions require the use of TIM wherever the CPU comes in contact with another material that is supposed to carry away heat.
  2. This was my thinking too, but none of the guides mention it for the cooler, and the instructions just say clip it together and screw it in, maybe its just an oversight on their part.
    You can see a similar setup to mine here
  3. You always need TIM. The instructions probably say that because it has TIM pre applied.
  4. SPhillips1979 said:
    and no one mentions putting TIM on the CPU as you would with an air cooler
    That would be the case if the TIM was per-applied on the cooler.

    Is there a tube of thermal compound in the accessory pack?
  5. Here is the accessory pack for the Antec Kuhler H2O 620 Liquid Cooling System.
    No thermal compound in the accessory kit.
  6. If you look at the copper cold plate on the pump head you can see the patch of pre-applied TIM.

    it turns out the 8150 water cooler kit is a unit similar to the Kuhler 620
  7. Yes you are right, its the same on mine here, looks pre-applied, thanks for that.
  8. It's up and running seems to idle at around 45C here with liquid cooling, thought I would ask if anyone knows if that is normal for the 8150Fx
  9. No, I think that's quite high.
  10. Thats very high for idle, I assume that is at stock clocks and auto voltages?
  11. yes that is at stocks, from what I have read a lot of people get round 40C with the 8150, with 62C being recommended limit (one person said thus equates to 80C actually).

    I was expecting more like 20 or 30 with liquid cooling, though only from what I have seen from other chips.

    Interestingly Ubuntu runs silent and cooler than Win 7 which runs the pump and fans full pelt.

    I am going to change fans around and try that next, see if reversing air flow helps.
  12. After playing with the fans, it now runs at a much more respectable 33C, which is good enough for me!
  13. Overclocks to 4.2Ghz on the turbo key with CPU temp: 39C, Sys: 37C, and liquid about 38C, seems quite stable now!
  14. EPU on power save, pump on silent, and AI set to Q-Fan it runs CPU Core temp of 15C with all my web dev apps open and running, which is more like it!
  15. Hi there, i have a similar set up, fx-8120 but i have a corsair h100, but my temps are 36c idle and 45-47 full load prime 95.

    hi remember that your room temps also play a part in the temps.

    good luck
  16. Seems similar to be honest, I noticed the machine clocked to 3.9ghz on auto settings in the bios, and have set it lower now to the rated speed of 3.6Ghz which might help a bit!

    I have taken to leaving the cooling on extreme any way as I figure can't hurt to keep cold!
  17. Found some more ways as well which might help anyone looking to overclock an 8150 FX setup with a XFX 6770 Radeon card and ASUS motherboard,

    The AMD Vision Engine Control Center has several options for OC such as

    CPU power (a control panel which has a slider to drag CPU speed up and down, in my case from 3.9Ghz to 1.4Ghz)
    CPU Overdrive (lets you auto tune the amount of overclocking to test best performance for your system)
    Graphic Card Overdrive (lets you clock the Graphics Card)
    AMD Overdrive (Enables a mix of these features)

    The ASUS AI Suite comes with several utilities

    AI Booster (lets you tweak CPU settings on the fly, from multiplier, to ram voltage)
    AI Suite (lets you control performance and Q-fan)
    AI N.O.S (auto overclocks and boosts CPU performance when needed)
    Asus EPU (lets you specify power profiles and performance, set the energy saving to heavy voltage drops and it runs ice cold, good for energy saving on hard disk too)
    Turbo Key (Turns the power button into an instant overclock, in my case jumping the top speed from 3.9Ghz to 4.2Ghz as needed)

    With these tools and AMD Chillcontrol V pump and fan control, you can have some fun overclocking without even going to the BIOS!
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