Running BF3

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This week or sooner. BUDGET RANGE: $80-$130 After Rebate


CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Nvidia 9600 GT. Don't know power supply

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS:4 GB Ram, 2.20 gigahertz Intel Pentium Dual

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg, Frys, or Microcenter


OVERCLOCKING: Maybe if factory overclocked SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Must Run BF3 on Medium/High with a consistent 30-40+ fps. Running on Windows 7 64x Ultimate. 25.7 720p TV/Monitor.

Must appreciated if I can get a few ideal nice Graphics cards which aren't too pricey if possible.
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  1. The GTX 460? I know this is a noobie question but, is it better than the GTX 550 Ti? Because I had bought that and installed it 2 days ago, and it still could not run BF3, had crappy drops in FPS as low as 10-15.

    Edit: I had bought the GTX 550 TI* is what I meant.
  2. The 550Ti is slightly (and i do mean VERY slightly) worse then the GTX 460.

    The 550 Ti should have been able to play Battlefield 3 at 1360x768. Something else is holding you back, its not the graphics card.

    Also we NEED to know the Power Supply, its vital.
  3. At that resolution, an HD 6770 will do great.

    If you want overkill, an HD 6850 is an option.

    EDIT: Since you have a GTX 550 Ti, you should be getting playable frames at that resolution. Do you have the latest drivers? Are there any settings in the Nvidia Control Panel for graphics turned on? Turn them off and see if that helps.
  4. Alright, I guess I'll have to turn it off and go find out my PSU. Oh and can you tell me what's holding me back? I mean I kinda posted all my stuff up in the first post. If not then I'll post the PSU in a sec.

    Edit: Oh and by the way, the GTX 550 TI I had was the MSI one, not the Zotac. The msi n550gtx-ti-m2d1gd5 oc to be exact.
  5. That doesn't matter, its all relativly the same. The Zotac, ASUS, MSI, EVGA, doesn't matter. The difference between them is negligable.

    I'm going to assume (not knowing the EXACT processor) its your CPU. Especially at a low resolution like that.
  6. So you're telling me what I actually need now is a better processor rather than a better graphics card?
  7. It's quite possible. A 550Ti should be more then capable of running BF3 at that resolution. Here is my resoning.

    This resolution is higher then yours and shows a GTS 450 running BF3 at High Quality settings. A GTS 450 is about 25 percent slower than a 550Ti. So a 550Ti is plently for High Quality settings at this resolution it should get about 38 FPS at this resolution. With your resolution being even lower, a 550Ti should have no problems what so ever handeling it.

    If its not your CPU try lowering some of the graphical settings?
  8. Helltech's right. Although BF3 isn't CPU intensive (only uses 2 threads), at that resolution, a CPU bottleneck is present. Lower resolution tend to put more pressure on the CPU. The higher the resolution, the more GPU dependent games get. You could either get a new CPU/MoBo (you'll probably need to save up) or a new monitor (at least 1600x900; you can afford this for sure).
  9. The PSU is 500W btw. Another Motherboard/CPU? Aww.. more work. Oh and the 550 TI wasn't even able to run smoothly on low settings. It was pretty aggravating. So to be clear again, a new CPU/Mobo is needed rather than a new graphics card?
  10. Wattage is must less important when dealing with unkown PSU's then the brand and model name of the PSU. If you could get that for us it would be very helpful.

    If you still have the 550Ti then keep it it will be better then the 9600 GT.

    But yes, you are looking at a new Motherboard/CPU and thusly new Ram as well.

    As AdbullahG said, theoretically a higher resolution might put more stress onto your 550TI (if you still have it) and less on the CPU. If you have a friends' monitor or TV with a higher resolution you can test this on then you might be able to just buy a new monitor. Instead of a whole new computer. I remain skeptical as to if that will really help however. However it is worth testing.
  11. Thank you. And Ram? Wouldn't 4GB be enough? Also what affordable CPU's or Mobo's would you recommend?

    New monitor? Eh.. Im quite happy with my TV though, but I'll see.
  12. Wow and your budget is 80-130? You need a much better CPU to play with good framerate at even low settings in BF3. You have a dual core not even core2duo generation. You need a minimum of at least a quadcore to play with decent settings otherwise it wont matter what graphics card you have you will get the same performance in the end because of the big bottleneck you have.
  13. 4GB of ram is enough, but you have DDR2 ram, when you go to upgrade to a new CPU/Mobo you will need DDR3 ram. So you will need all new ram.
  14. What should my budget be then? I don't got much money to spend but I need ideas how much it should cost just to be able to make BF3 playable.
  15. It can be very cheap if a resolution upgrade really will fix your problem. You gotta test it first though.

    Otherwise you're looking at about 170-200 dollars for low end parts, IF you kept the 550TI. Or much more if you didn't.
  16. So my options are either: Raise the resolution, or find a new CPU/Mobo?
    Im keeping the 550TI
  17. Use a different monitor/TV to try a higher resolution. See if that fixes your problem. I'm not sure it will but judging from what other people have been saying for many years now it just may. A new monitor will run you less then 100 dollars.

    Your only other option is a new CPU/Mobo/Ram. If you need something super cheap you can do it for about 180~ dollars.
  18. DudeMan25 said:
    So my options are either: Raise the resolution, or find a new CPU/Mobo?
    Im keeping the 550TI

    your pentuim is bottlenecking, buy a new cpu.
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