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Can't Connect DVI-HDMI to HDMI connect on TV

I'm trying to connect an hdmi cable through the DVI-HDMI connector on my pc to my Vizio tv (that has a 720p resolution). I've been able to do this easily before, however recently after switching out a broken cable it will just not work. My pc recognizes the connection when I plug it in, my monitor blinks and its showing my tv in the display settings. But no matter what I do I just get "no signal" on the tv. The display setting set from my pc for my tv is 1280 x 720 (native). I've tried 3 different hdmi cables, the only thing I'm thinking is possible is that the DVI-HDMI connector is broken or I have something set wrong on the settings. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Just had a similar issue with my setup
    computer would recognize tv but tv wouldnt get signal
    this was with svideo
    but is similar
    for me switching to a shorter cable helped
    How long is the HDMI are you trying to run?

    but also I suggest trying another dvi-hdmi connector if possible

    also try to take a look into the HDMI and DVI ports to make sure no pins are broken
    or anything in there blocking it
  2. I purchased a new dvi-hdmi connector, still no luck. I have a strong feeling this has something to do with my computer and not the cables or connectors I'm using. I checked the ports, nothing looks damaged.
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    I am kind of clueless now
    maybe the dvi port of card is broken
    did you try pulling the card out and reseating it in the PCIe slot?
  4. I figured it out, I switched the ports of the monitor input and the dvi, for some reason that made it work. No clue why I had to switch it out, the port that the monitor is now attached to works (since my monitor's working). Thank you for your help.
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