Window 7.... 32 or 64 bit version

My laptop is Vista Home premium edition and my Desktop well, I need your advice.

Mydesktop has P7P55D - 1156 mobo and I5-750 processor with 4mb ram.

Both Laptop and desktop will be on the home network. With which Window7 Pro version do I go 32 bit or 64.

Or Stay with Window XP pro.

Going with Window7 Pro, I loose my Laser printer(not supported by vista while its supported by XP). tia
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  1. I assume you mean "4GB" of RAM and not "4MB". I would use 64-bit Windows 7 since you'll be able to make full use of your RAM and have the ability to add more if needed in the future. With 32-bit windows you won't quite be able to all your RAM (probably only about 3.5GB) and there won't be any way to add more without reinstalling a 64-bit version from scratch.
  2. +1 for Win 7 x64
    and double check your printer manufacturers website for updated drivers... you never know.

    Win 7 can network very easily w/ others
  3. +2 x64.
  4. +4 x64

    x32 is going to disappear, since 4 GB RAM is mainstream you need x64 to fully use those 4 GB
    (if you play RTSgames, get ready for 8GB RAM)
  5. +5 x64

    Unless you have a specific piece of hardware that you won't be able to get 64 bit drivers, there's no reason to get x86
  6. +6 x64
  7. make sure your nework adaptors are fairly new, I had an issue with a network usb card , I had to go back to xp pro until I get a new card
  8. 64bit. I noticed my sisters laptop was 32bit with 4GB of RAM. 32bit simply cannot use all of it, my sisters laptop is using roughly 2.93GB. So go for 64bit.
  9. +7 x64

    Win 7 is much much faster than xp if you're using a C2d or above...
    64Bit cuz 32 can't address 4GB RAM.
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