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Question about SLI

I currently have a Geforce 560ti and just came accross aother one, both are the 1gb model. I have a asus p8p67-m pro and was wondering if I had to put each card in the first and second PCIe slots or can I use the 3rd PCIe for the second card?

The reason I ask is cause I put it in the 3rd slot and the nvidia control panel it sees it as a physx card but not an sli? This is my first time SLI'ing and I couldn't really find much on guides for SLI on win7 ult 64bit.

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. Were you using the SLI bridge to link the cards together?
  2. Yes I have an MSI sli bridge connecting them
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    If you put it in the second slot does it allow you SLI it or PhsyX only?
  4. I will try that when I get home today and let you know thanks.
  5. Just get back to us.
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  7. Second slot worked, thanks!
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