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I have had this issue less frequently while using my old monitor a 23" TRIMON 3D but much more frequent the past 2 days since I changed to a 32" Sony LCD TV. While playing WoW on ultra settings if I put the resolution above 1360 x 768 my screen goes black and I lose all video. My machine still has power lights and the fans still sound like they are operating. I am not very computer savy. My video card is an AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series and the drivers are showing up to date AMD Catalyst 11.11. I have had the Vcard for almost 9 months and the issue started about 5 months ago but once every few weeks so thought it was just random bug. Now much more frequent as in 6 times past 2 days. Not sure if you guys need any additional info but if you do please let me know how to get it since I am not very good with computers. Thanks for the help.
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  1. What are the temps on the GPU, sounds like it might be overheating. Does it happen ONLY when you change resolution? Or during gameplay?
  2. It only seems to happen when I play WOW, more frequently at higher resolutions. I just installed GPU-Z and normal temps are 43-47 C. The highest it seems to get just playing at this low settings is 65C.
    Should I attempt to raise the resolution to duplicate the problem and see if the temp gets higher?
  3. Yes, try that. It sounds like an overheating problem. But 65C isn't overheating, not by a long shot. You could also try stress testing with Furmark and see how hot it gets.
  4. Ok im running it atm and not sure how long its supposed to run for but at 6 mins so far its been holding steady around 83/84C and this test is by far making my card run way more than wow does at ultra setting using high resolution or atleast the noise from the fan seems to be. Should i let it run the entire test all the way across the screen?
  5. Not if you're smart about it. Just run it and watch the temps for a few minutes. You're just looking for a spike over 90c. End the application if it gets to the point. If it lasts ten minutes without getting that hot then you can absolutley rule out overheating.

    Alsoif you aren't comfortable with that. You can just monitor WoW like you were going to before. There are tools that will right your temps to a log file, play WoW till it "crashes". Shut down the computer and check the log, and see what temp it was at.
  6. OK so ran that test highest temp was 85C and once the test was over my GPU temp is back down to 55C. Not sure if that helps any. Also when it crashes and I restart which log will I be looking for to get the temp it was at? Thanks for the help.
  7. I'm not sure becuase it depends on the application you use. I think GPU-z might be able to log temperatures? You'd have to look into that.
  8. It is possible there could be an issue in the power vrm, Furmark is notorious for fooling people into thinking their cards are stable until they enter into a game. Load up gpu-z and go to the senso tab and click logging in background then go into wow or some other game. Also what model psu do you have?
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