Budget psu (server)

I'm planning to use my old pc as a web/svn server.

These are the main specs of the pc:

Pentium D @3GHz (stock)
ATI X1300 256mb GPU <-- Maybe I will remove this to reduce power consumption since I will administer the server remotely.

The PSU fan makes a lot of noise (I bought this pre-built pc back in 2005-2006 so I think it's quite normal, considering that other psus have completely died in much less time), so I nedd to buy a new one.

I don't need a monster-psu since the pc power consumption will be really low (no games, no videos, no editing... not even plugged monitor), so I'm looking for something cheap that does the job and is able to run 24/7 with no problem. The current psu is a Delta Electronics 340w psu and it was doing it's job fine till last summer or so (I've turned it on once or maybe twice since then so I didn't care of the noise).

My question is, does it worth aiming for a Corsair CX500 v2 500w (55€ here)? I know it is a quality psu but seems quite expensive to me considering that the psu workload will be very little.

I'm considering something like the Nox Urano 450w (25€), Nox Urano II 530w (35€) or Tacens Radix V 450w (27€). This way I'm saving 20-30€.
Does it worth saving 20-30€ considering what I described above? If so, what is the more reliable option between these last 3 PSUs?

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  1. Stick with the good brand name. You may not be hitting high loads but its going to be on 24/7 which in itself is going to kill anything cheap and poorly made. You probably dont need a 500W though something smaller would suffice.
  2. I've never even heard of Nox.


    I only recommend this over the 380w because it's cheaper than the 380w.
  3. I cannot find Antec PSUs below 65-70€ in my country.
    I've read some people having issues with Nox PSUs, so I'm between Tacens and Corsair.
    Corsair might be more reliable, but since it is an old pc I think I'll buy the Tacens psu which is half the price of the Corsair psu.
    I'm not sure how "risky" it is, because I don't think anyone would recommend the old psu brand and it has been working for 6+ years :p
  4. Delta makes many of Corsair and Antecs psu's, along with about 100 other companies psu including Dell. Tacens? Never heard of it either.

    You cant find a Corsair CX430? I mean I really don't even like Corsair CX, but it's gotta be better than the other brands your mentioning.

    Since your running 24/7 wouldn't you want an efficient psu? I mean something thats at least has a basic 80+ certification? I bet none of those brands you mentioned even meet the basic 80+ certification.
  5. I agree with Geek..at least get a 80+ psu
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