Problems with Radeon 6950 1g Need advice


I recently just purchased a XFX AMD Radeon HD 6950 800M 1 GB. I started having problems as soon as I installed it. Even though it was seated properly my monitor kept showing no signal. After reseating it, and resetting the pc over and over it finally came on.

From there everything seems to work fine, until I try to wake the PC from sleep. What happens then is everything will turn on, you can hear the hard drive, all the fans, hdd activity light flashes, and can even hear sounds from the speaker. But the video card seems like it never turns on and the screen stays black.

So I usually have to reset it about 3 times until it comes back on. The strange thing is that sometimes everything will come on when i awaken it from sleep mode and work fine.

Im starting to think it might be something wrong with the card since my old card never did this. But does anyone have any suggestions on anything I can possibly do before sending this back? Thanks
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  1. Sounds like a power supply problem to me.

    What powersupply do you have?
  2. what's your motherboard? I recall some Asus boards have issues with gpus coming back up after sleep due to one of the BIOS settings
  3. yup sounds like a power supply issue to me also.
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