Psu and case fan installation question

First time building my own computer so please excuse the newb question.

I have a rosewill hive modular power supply with a diablotek case.




The case has 4X 120mm fans. Each fan has a male and female 4 pin molex, none have the little 4 pin that would connect to motherboard sys fan header. The motherboard only has 2 4pin fan headers, the cpu fan and sys fan.

The wire bundle from the power supply has 2 male molex 4 pin and 1 small 4 pin which would fit the mobo header.

Do I daisy chain the fans and then connect the small 4 pin from the wire bundle to the sys fan? Or ignore the small 4 pin from the wire bundle? Should I connect each fan directly to the psu (each fan getting it's own molex connector off the power supply)?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. You can daisychain, but do not plug the little four pin from the Psu into the motherboard, it is for a floppy drive (which most folks don't have anymore)
    that doesn't get used at all,
    just plug them into the Molex line
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