Only one gpu running on my 4850x2

My 4850x2 (single card) has two GPU's ,but only GPU 2 shows any life. When I run MSI afterburner at the same time playing while running a 3D game afterburner only shows GPU 2 taking a load. GPU 1 never shows any life? Please Help!
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  1. what is your motherboard, CPU and RAM?
  2. Are you running them in fullscreen? I know SLI isn't used when running applications in windowed mode, not sure on CF.
  3. Is crossfire really enabled? If so maybe disable it and see if there are any changes because the 3870x2, 4850x2, and 4870x2 all tend to fail in similar ways where either the switch becomes defective and leaving one gpu cut off or one of the gpus fail leaving the other to function. However it depends on which one that does fail if one is to get video or not. Also try different games that are known to use SLI and Crossfire to see if there are any changes.
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