Need some advice on my first build please.

Hi all.
Tonight I'll be ordering parts for my new machine.

These will be:

i5 2500k
GTX570 MSI Twinfrzr III 1280MB
Corsair 600T Special Edition
8GB XMS 3 Corsair RAM (1600)
Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

I can't decide what sort of cooling I should get for the CPU. I'm thinking about Corsair H60 but I'm really not sur (i'll be overclocking my i5 but nothing extreme - 4.5 maybe)
And also PSU??? I have no idea which one and how powerful to get, I used some PSU calculators but each one showing me different results?? - in the future I want to add another GTX 570 for SLI.
I also want to buy small SSD drive ( 60GB) to use it as cash with SRT but will wait with HDD for now as the extremely expensive. Will use SSD as my storage for now.

So please guys give me some advice and tell me what you think about this build.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. CPU Cooler -
    PSU - I am not sure, but i think this would be good Or this
    SSD - I dunno, OCZ Agility 3 works wonderfully for me, waaaaaay faster than a normal HDD.
  2. Thanks man.
    I think I'll go wit Corsair PSU.
    Cooling is is giving me a headache. I want it to be efficient and not too big.
  3. Something like Corsair H60 even corsair h100. Its a "Water cooler" System for cpu only. Its Nice and Works like a boss, i have only tried h50.
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