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Multiple Monitor Question

So I am thinking of going with three monitors for my rig. Now I know that they should be the same resolution but do they have to be the same EXACT monitor? Would it be okay if I got the other 2 monitors from different brands but the same resolution?
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  1. They don't have the be the same monitor, hell they don't HAVE to be the same size (but that wouldn't be very appealing). Regardless of all of that, why not just get three of the same? I don't understand why you can't.
  2. Mostly because my current monitor i bought at ~120 but has since jumped up to 180 (USD)
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    Oh the way you worded it it sounded like you were going to buy all three right now.

    Yeah you will be fine. My friend uses 2 Acers and 1 Asus.
  4. Ok. Thanks
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