Possible grounding issue or component failure problem

Phenom II BE 550 (unlocked 3 cores, last one is not operating well)
Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 890GX
2x 2GB Sector 5 @ 1333 MHz
XFX 6770 1 GB DDR5
Antec Kuhler 620
OCZ Stealth 750W PSu
Thermaltake Dokker mid case.
And some Tenda wireless card.

I have two issues with this build.
I have grounding issue. The plug where the power cord goes is grounded. However, often when i attempt to connect my headphones or anything in the the USB ports on the front (not in the IO connectors on the back), the system freezes. The MOBO is offset from the case by brass spacers.
Any idea what is causing this?

2. Not sure if the second issue is somehow caused by the first one, but often, while playing games (from Crysis 2, LOL, SCII even to Heroes WOG) the system would freeze for less than a second and the sound from the headphones would be as if you are disconnecting a compnonent from the MOBO while the PC is still running. Tha same sound could come out of speakers/headphones when you disconnect a USB jump drve while in use.
This would also cause a nasty spike in latency.

I suspect that the second issue could be caused a faulty core (i figured out the third one was deadmeat), so i might try disabling one and test the system for flaws again.

Other than that, i am open to suggestions.

P.S. I recenlty changed the wireless card, thinkin that it could cause the second issue but it made no difference.
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  1. could you try all your sistem on a diferent motherboard?, i think your Full system could be in danger, and I dont think your Psu will protect your sistem from a overload. lol.

    try it with another motherboard for atleast 2 hours and try it without overclocking your cpu.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I currently dont have another mobo i could use. The CPU is not overclocked as well.
    To make matter worse, my cat shorted it out twice this weekend jsut by wackin his tail around the tower. I saw it touched the metal and a little spark went off. Immediate freeze of the system.
    I might need to get anti static pad and set the pc on it. It is currently offset from the carpet floor by a small wooden stand. The only connection that can conduct electiricy is the power cord to the plug. I will test the plug to determine if the ground wire is working bc there is one in there. Not sure now if it is actually working.
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