Looking for a "heavy duty" angle plug for my PSU

I've got a COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold Series RSC00-80GAD3-US 1200W ATX:

Due to a custom case design, I need an angled power cord similar to the following:

I was originally looking at the above until I saw the size of the powercord on the PSU I bought :ouch:

Needless to say, I don't trust the above one and I'm looking for one more appropriate to the 1200W.

I'm not stuck to any particular source like TigerDirect or NewEgg. However, I am in the USA so I'd rather have something that would deliver "quicker" than half way across the world ;)
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  1. Chainzsaw,
    That looks perfect. A little on the long side but better too long that short.
  2. Rugger said:

    I'm not dead sure on what the PSU cord was. But compared to all the "thin" cords I've seen since the 80s, it scared me :pt1cable:
  3. there's also a 6ft version on the same website. I like longer power cables though - gives you "room" to move your computer around a bit.
  4. Play it safe and go with at least the 14 Gauge.
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