Monitor turns off when I power off my TV

Well I have a weird problem that I can't seem to find an answer to. My GTX 465 Video card is connected to my PC monitor (via serial) and my home theater system which is in turn connected to my led TV. Up until a couple days ago, it seemed to work pretty well, I turned on duplicate screen or just the TV whenever I was playing games with my xbox controller or watching movies. Before when I would turn off my TV my other monitor would blink and be fine. Now however when I turn off my TV, my monitor will go off and not come back on.

tl;dr I can only keep my monitor on while my TV is on.

Heres my specs:

Intel core i7 870 @ 3.3ghz
Windows 7
GA-P55-USB3 2.0
MSI GTX 465 Twin-Frozr

Onkyo TX-SR308
TV is an Insignia LED

My Monitor isplugged in the Serial port on the GPU, Home thearter is going through the mini-hdmi. It also streams the sound through the hdmi cable. What I think is the problem, windows seems to see my monitor as a projector. When i Press windows+P, switching to projector only keeps my monitor on. In my display settings, I set this monitor as the main one but I cant seem to find a way to make it #1 (not sure if this has to do with my problem).

I messed around with the settings of both the TV and the home theater but without luck.

I did alot of searching and only came across one person with this problem on another forum located here. Any help would be appriciated, because I'm stumped at this point.

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  1. Anyone have any ideas? I know its a tricky situation, but im really kind of out of ideas.
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