Is 650W enough?

Hi guys,

I am planning to upgrade my computer to the specs listed below. How much power do I need? Is 650W enough?

i7 2600K, P8B75-M LE, 2x 4GB 1600MHz RAM, 2TB @7200rpm HDD, MSI HD7870 TFIII/OC, DVD-RW and 1 card reader. Will be running it in a Silverstone PS08B.

Will be gaming quite heavily on this and will possibly be adding another HDD in the future!! (maybe a sdd if the prices drop!)

Any help appreciated!

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    650w is plenty of power, make sure its a solid PSU in quality. you would be better off with a 500w-550w solid PSU (still do the job) over a cheap 650w
  2. A 650W PSU is more than sufficient for your rig. Concur with 1615, that a good quality 500W-550W PSU is sufficient for your setup and the planned addition of an hdd/sdd.
  3. thanks for the quick replies guys!
    will be sticking to big brands...
    any suggestions around the 600-650W range that has the best bang for the buck?

    I was looking at the though i absolutely hate the hideous green but hey, i can always go over it with a black marker! :)
  4. that antec is a good budget unit. other units to consider corsair CX 600, OCZ ZS & ZT series. rosewill hive series (identical to the OCZ ZS series but modular). antec neo eco 620w is also on sale at a very good price.
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  6. bigme said:

    solid unit also, same platform as the cx600 but uses better caps.
  7. Thanks a lot for your help ct1615!
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