What budget MOBO for i5 2400?

Building a computer and I have decided on an i5 2400 that I found locally for 149.99. What motherboard should I get? I would like something that supports 1600 speed ram because I do video editing and I already have 16 gigs of 1600 sticks. Though, the new board only needs to support 8 gigs. I also have a 5770 gpu that I am moving over. Any ideas? h61? h67?

So one more time.
Need Motherboard compatible with,
i5 2400
preferably 1600 speed ram, 8 gigs or more
on the cheaper side

Thanks a bunch
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  1. This one is about as full-featured as you can get for the price:

  2. That one is a bit on the higher side price wise. I am hoping to find something around $80. No need for usb 3 or sata 3.

    Any pro con type info on h61 vs h67? This computer will never ever be tampered with, overclocked or anything like that. It will be left like it is unless something breaks.
  3. dkjravn said:

    H61 is about as basic as you can get - it doesn't allow anything for overclocking (should you decide to upgrade your CPU) and it doesn't allow for SLI or anything of that nature should you decide to do so in the future. If video editing is your main concern you should definitely invest a bit more and get the Z68 board I mentioned - it will actually save you time and money in the long run when it comes to upgrading and replacing parts.
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