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SLI GTX 570 cooling suggestion needed!

Hi everyone!

I'm wondering if anyone has any good aftermarket suggestions to cool two GTX 570 in SLI mode. I'm looking at some of the options and they all look massive and seem to put a lot of weight onto the card. I was thinking of getting this gigabyte card:

It seems to have a good stock cooling solution.

However, I heard that EVGA offers a product, EVGA precision, that enables you to increase the fan's speed to help with the temps.

Finally, my last option is to just forget about SLI 570's and go with a 590...less heat than two cards.

For reference, I use a Thermaltake Level 10 GT case and will place the two SLI cards in slots 1 and 4...the slots furthest away from each other.

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    as long as there are spaces between the card you should be fine. just make sure the second card is on the x16 slot not the x4 one. if you want aggressive cooling go for water cooling if you willing to spend the cost
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